How to snatch your Apple Music nickname before it’s too late!


Apple has given all the Applemaniacs another reason to rejoice; reserve an Apple Music Nickname! This option, as per Apple policy, isn’t available for everyone though. Those living in third world countries will have to wait a bit longer before it’s released out into that wilderness, but for the most part here’s how to do it.

Open your music app, and in the top left corner open the Profile icon. The EDIT button will give you a second line after your name to add your 32 letters nickname. Be quick before someone snatches it!!!For those who may not know where the top left hand corner is

If you don’t have a profile already, signup and choose a plan at the next screen to come up, then choose some artists and all that crap. It’s pretty straightforward. Alternatively you can go give your money to an apple store and they’ll click some buttons for you.

Kindly note that if your iOS is older the the 8.4 version (which is the minimum requirement), you will NOT be able to acquire a nickname through your handheld device. You’re better off downloading iTunes and doing it from there.

They lied to us


Anything I’ve missed in the process? Do tell.

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