The Bitstrips War

The Bitstrips War: Which side are you on?

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The 20 million user app which animates you as an avatar and you can “Design cartoon versions of yourself & your friends” is quite entertaining for the first few strips that you create. But it gets boring pretty quick.

I am Batman

Do you creatively update your timeline with an amusing comic (Noting that only TWO people will ever find it amusing) or do you wage the non-declared war against yet another time consuming creativity killer? Many have posted status updates and are attacking this new social virus, but how is it any different from Farmville or CandyCrush? It entertains people who ahve a lot of free time on their hands. So if you hid the “I found a sheep and tractor” or “Give me a life” posts from your timeline, you can do the same here. It’s just another app that went viral.


This is how you hide bitstrips animations from appearing in your facebook feed:

hide all


Personally, I’m keeping the app. I think my avatar looks cool.   I mean, really, really, cool.


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