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This is not a post about how to write your CV. You have friends and google for that, and a few hundred companies that would also refine it for a fee.

During the period of a job hunt, many people fall into bad habits of letting go of their professionalism, and start posting wild drunken nights of weed smoking underground parties. You do realize that all hiring managers will google you before scanning your CV for 7 seconds, right? And they don’t go for your linkedin profiles first, they go for the jugular! FB and Insta: If they’re not protected accounts, most likely your pimp pic will not land you on the candidate short list. I offer two solutions; The first is memorizing this rule

If you don’t want your Boss and Mom to see it, it doesn’t belong online.

Second is: Make sure that a google search turns up your professional portfolios in the first results. If you google my name for example, you’d get my self hosted SEO optimized website first, this blog second, images third, Linkedin, fb, and twitter tying for 4th, depending on your own personal preferences and google’s secret algorithms.

If you have any sketchy sites that you want to hide, you can always use Google’s Webmaster Removal Tool.


I’ve had the privilege of being part of a group which is kind of a support group for job hunters (It’s so much more than that), and I guess I owe a full blog post to Albert’s concept. Anyway, here’s an idea that I think everyone in the group would appreciate; My domain name is usually pointing to my hosting site where I had built a custom API that links to linkedin and pulls all my work history. I’ve had it online for a while now, but I’ve never actually liked the design, it was a functional website with all necessary contact and work history info, including a downloadable CV. For those of you that have known TheDreamMatcher over the years, you’d have noticed that we took our functioning social network offline back in 2012, and replaced it with a “strikingly” template. I’m not advertising for strikingly here, but I bring the subject up because strikingly has a feature that will allow you to integrate your linkedin profile through an API and display it in a friendly way. No coding required!

Just got to which will redirect you to my site. At the bottom of the site, there’s a grey box “POWERED BY STRIKINGLY”, and from there it’s a simple 5 step process to get your site online.

Strikingly TeIf you have a custom domain name like I do, you will not be able to “forward with masking”. Strikingly does not allow masked domains, because it’s one of their premium options, so will remain as it is and cannot be masked with

Good luck to all, and please remember to network!


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2 thoughts on “Your Digital Brand Name; Career Hunt

  1. Roger

    Social networks are becoming more important for hiring managers to know more about the participants than their own CVs

    1. Ryan Hamze

      In a manner of speaking yes, its become vital for character evaluation. .. but ethically speaking its borderline stalking though no hiring manager cares about this anymore amd does it anyway


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