LA 90210 Culture: Importing Lebanese Photography


Who is Fayrouz Ftouni?

“Fayrouz Ftouni is a young Lebanese artist living in Los Angeles, California. She left everything behind in 2013 and moved to LA to pursue her dreams in Photography and Make-up. After three years of getting her degree in Photography, Fayrouz’s work will be presented at the New York Film Academy and at the Bergamot Station gallery in Santa Monica, CA.” – Indiegogo

Fayrouz’s goal is to put together a narrative that captures the real family rituals in Lebanon. Help support her before April 15th deadline! She already has around 50 backers and has reached half her target.

Fayrouz has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help her travel back to her home country Lebanon and continue her project “Yasmina”, which is a series of 8-12 still-photographs that show the beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter. I believe that a story like this preserves the culture most Lebanese grew up in, and documents the behind-the-scene moments of a morning coffee with your mom.


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You can reach her crowdfunding campaign here–2#/

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