Free Business Idea: E-pet AI Drone

Free business idea: Fit a flying Roomba drone with an AI and have it follow you around the house like a pet.

The technology is readily available, the startup environment has never been stronger, but where’s the product? Naturally, you’ll have to call it Rosie.


Voice controlled actions, and programmable for schedules and routines.

Personal Assistant: Cheap AI alternatives can be selected from the many readily available PS’s everyone already uses; Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant.

Controls the lights and smart plugs.

Plays your beats based on the time of day.

Launches the Roomba or Deebot vacuum cleaner when you leave the house.

Order food delivery.

Integrate your security systems with RGISTools, and the drone will map your property and backyard and assist with the creation of geofences. This can assist with your cordless Robotic Lawn Mower.

Add the drone cam to your security system to have a mobile security guard at night to get an extra set of eyes in dead zones.

RFID Tech: Assists in a search and rescue for your keys and wallet when you lose them.

Efficient dog walker; find the leash and take your K9 out for a walk. Suggested for pets under 25lbs only.

Reads the news, weather, To-Do list, and recipe finder.

Link to open source app stores to import skills/apps developed by the hive mind of millions of geeks..

Connects to you home sound system and smart home devices.

Ingredient inventory: Uses credit card purchases to control ingredient inventory and reads out suggested healthy recipes. Also harasses you about your eating habits when the smart fridge is open!

Personal trainer: keeps track of your workouts, counts reps and track time.

Controls Google Nest thermostat and feeds it open/close door information, and diff room temperatures.

Self-dock when it’s battery is low, using a magnetic holster on the ceiling.

Optional remote control.

Senses when your vehicle is incoming and starts up your home routine, temperature control, music, lights. Leaving the house will initiate an “away” shutdown of all devices.

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