World Domination: The Google-Oracle Merger Hypothesis

In the land of multi-billion enterprises, behind the scenes mergers usually take us by surprise. It’s no wonder that these enterprises keep these deals tip top secret!

In 2014, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, and Whatsapp for $19 billion. The added value for purchasing Whatsapp was that enormous database of users phone numbers which they hadn’t been able to collect from their own users. Maybe because people don’t  FB with too much information anymore? You would’ve thought that by now FB would have incorporated Instagram into it’s portal, but no extra user experience has been added in the gallery domain since then.

This brings us to one conclusion: Zuckerberg is trying to reach the 3 billion user mark by 2016!


How exactly do you achieve global domination? In Spielberg’s animated series Pinky and the Brain, the Acme Lab rodents relentlessly pursue world domination in every fashionably way possible. The main strategy they used was to forcibly (and comically) subdue mankind, and they failed every time.

Most futuristic doomsday movies portray a single dominant power like the Umbrella Corporation (brought down by the amnesiac heroine Alice), and the Sombra Corporation (fought by the founder of the Tet-Corporation, Last Gunslinger of Gilead; Roland Deschain). I find this the most reasonable path to success; a profit motivated corporation that can fly under the radar, or above it.

Roland Deschain, The last Gunslinger as portrayed by Stephen King

Roland Deschain, The Last Gunslinger, standing before the Dark Tower. As portrayed by Stephen King

This brings me to the suggested hypothesis at hand. Who can achieve this realistically? If any such corporation was to emerge, it would have to control more than just users. Users can simply shut down their accounts if they feel their freedom or privacy threatened, so this counts out most social networks. What about corporations that control other corporations? Entities that more or less have a say in the profits of other companies that cannot simply shut down their operations even if doomsday is forecasted.

Businesses that have spent millions on implementing Oracle systems in their operations would not give up their modules so willingly. I’d imagine if Oracle’s vision went sour, there would be backlash, but maybe not enough to shut it down. Still risky with a high possibility of failure, and no sane executive would suggest it.

What about Google? Most visited site in the world, linking with various other platforms ranging from Android systems, online storage, business apps, and to their own social network. The list goes on. But still, Google is still subject to international laws that would suffocate its attempt to overtake freedom and privacy.

Now here’s the twist: What if Google Merges with Oracle?

The number one multi-billion web based entity merges with the number one multi-billion business controlling entity. The repercussions would be vast!

Hypothetically, this would be the most identifiable logo for the new entity emerging as a global power.

Hypothetically, this would be the most identifiable logo for the new entity emerging as a global power.

Such a huge merger would most likely be above the radar, with no government in the world being able to force any rules or regulations fast enough to be able to control this new superpower. With enough businesses backing it, and no feasible way to physically shut down its web based operations, it would be unstoppable. And knowing the way the water runs downhill, other entities would quickly partner up with it. Entities like Wikileaks, Anonymous, Twitter, and after a short undignified struggle, Google’s arch-nemesis Facebook.

Religious leaders would of course condemn this alliance, and claim doomsday and the arrival of the Antichrist. But hey, what else is new?

The worlds largest banks, based in only 6 countries ( USA, UK, China, Japan, France, Germany), have a combined wealth of $25.1 trillion. I think they’d sign on with the alliance once they see that governments efforts become futile.

With a cumulative of 5 billion supporters, 1 billion businesses, and and excess of $30 trillion, there wouldn’t be much to discuss. This new group would emerge as the single most powerful entity in human history, overcoming governments with little effort, shutting down armed forces with a few clicks, and brainwashing what’s left of the population with a few well placed marketing tools.

Since this is a peasant-controlled alliance, it would distribute wealth and food equally in all nations, regardless of race or religion. New world laws would be written and enforced. World peace would be achieved. Can you imagine that? World-friggin-peace, finally.

I’d join them, wouldn’t you?

Tell me what you think of this conspiracy theory and hypothesis. Is it achievable?

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