How many Tweets would a Tweep Twoosh Tweet, if a Tweeple did Dweet Tweets?

Have you ever heard a tongue twister? Try saying “Unique New York” three times fast! Or “Flash Message”! I’ve written my own Tweester*, then included a list of Twitter Jargon for all those new users learning how to effectively use Twitter. Hope you enjoy! ( And please retweet 🙂 ) 

How many Tweets would a Twitter Tweep Twoosh Tweet, if a Tweeple did Dweet Tweets?

“A Twitter Tweeple Tweeted a Twoosh Tweet.

Did the Twitterrer Tweet a Dweet Tweet?

If the Tweetle gets a ReTweet for the Twoosh Dweet?

Would the Twittosphere Twitterati have a new Tweep? ”

Twitterverse Jargon:

Tweester*: A Tongue Twister on Twitter. Might be known as  tongue twist tweets

Twitter: A MicroBlogging service. Free of charge and available to the public.

Tweet: (Noun & Verb) Anything you write and publish on twitter is called tweet. Maximum 140 char.

Twitter Handle: Username, Profile, or URL.

Timeline: Twitter homepage, shows all the tweets from people you follow.

Follow:  to receive tweets from that person in your timeline. Like subscribe.

Follower: a subscribed person.

Follow Back: its common courtesy to follow a person who is following you back. Not a rule. Not applicable for spam.

Hashtags (#) used before keywords in tweets to categorize the tweets.

Mention: like tagging, use to contact the person by using a username anywhere in the tweet.

Favourite: by adding a star, you have marked this tweet as a favorite tweet, and others will be able to see that.

List: when you follow  a lot of people, categorize people with lists for easier viewing and control.

ShortURL: With the 140 char limit, you need to conserve space. There are services that shorten the links you post from twitter and from third parties.

RT: Retweet. A tweet was tweeted again  by another user.

MT: Modified tweet. A tweet that is a paraphrase of a tweet originally written by someone else.

PRT: Partial ReTweet. A tweet that is the truncated version of another tweet.

DM: Direct message. A direct-message is a private message sent to or from your inbox. It’s private. Important to note: To DM someone all you need to type is D username message.

VIA: sharing an article written by someone else

HT: Hat Tip. Simlar to VIA Givinga shared  link credit to the original author

CC**: Carbon copy. Use the same way as Email.

TY**: Thank you

YW**: Your welcome

UR**: Your

BTW**: By the Way

FYI**: For Your Information

Twoosh: A full 140 character tweet.

Dweet: A Drunk Tweet

Dwoosh*: A Drunk Tweet using 140 char. Very rare.

Twitterrhea: the act of sending too many twitter messages

Tweeple: twitter member user people

Tweet Up: when a group of twitterers agree on a set time to tweet together

tweetin same as tweetup

Twitterati: The glamorous group of Alist twitterers everyone wants to follow

Twitosphere: The total community of twitterers

Twitterverse: The universe of Twitter

#QOTD: Quote Of The Day

#TOTT: Tweeting On The Toilet

#FF: Hashtagging the follow Friday as promoted by

Klout: score, measures your online influence. measures social reach lets you manage your twitter account manage multiple accounts.

I came across an attempted Tweester by @dhollings, he simply replaces the first two letters of any word with “TW”, and also uses any other “TW” related words. I think it promotes motivation for extra creativity and original content out there! Here it is:

Twoubling Twitter Tongue Twister

Twelve twittering twins twiddling tweets between twilight, twice twirled twaddling tweets twinging twiddly twerps upon twinkletoed trolls. Twas retweeted twice by tweenagers, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who Twittered twenty three tweets like tongue twisted twerps eating Twinkies twofold.

*Please note that Tweeter and Dwoosh are my creations, so kindly use them freely as part of the Twitterverse Jargon.

** Normal linguistic chat rules apply


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