How To Increase Your Video Views On Youtube [Simple Four Step Method]

This may not be the most advanced way to increase you youtube views, but it is certainly the most effective!

Tagging people in posts or sending them messages begging them to like or share or retweet or view your content is rather pathetic, and not many people understand that fact. The only way to get people to share your content is to actually HAVE GOOD CONTENT!

For this tutorial, I will be demonstrating on how to increase youtube video views.

Step One:  Assess your situation

Think about what you want out of your ROI.  See where you want to be after you invest in your time and money.

Check the current number of views on your video. Always be satisfied with what you have, and never refresh your page to increase your views! Youtube will freeze your count at around 300 views.

Step Two: Structure content in an appealing manner

Share your video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Flickr…etc, and even advertise your channel on billboards or radio shows or TV …etc.

Don’t beg people to like or share, just state what content you have. If people find it interesting, they will share it without being forced into it.

Step Three: Know your audience

If you post your content in an appealing way, it will get shared (Retweeted, shared, liked..etc) so make sure that you have enough friends, followers, and subscribers that appreciate the issue at hand. Sharing a video about ballet will not get retweeted by NBA fans. Sharing a movie with movie fans and directors will.  Rich content will definitely get you recognition, but its better to be recognized by an audience who knows what they’re talking about.

Step Four: Re-Asses and adapt

After getting the word out, take a moment to re-assess you current situation. Check you numbers, see what you got out of your campaign, talk with your team about where you succeeded and where you failed.


Now adapt your strategy to your new found insights, and learn from your mistakes. Research the appropriate methods you need to implement.

Wash, Rinse, and Repeat.

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