Mexican Drug Cartels Using Drones To Smuggle Chrystal Meth Over US Border

Mexican drug cartels have been getting creative by flying Chrystal Meth across the border into San Ysidro, California. The Tijuana Police found the drone that crashed in a supermarket because it was too heavy, laden with over 6 pounds of the illegal substance valued at $48,000. The drones had previously only been used for surveillance by the cartels, but have now evolved to using GPS targeted destinations for trace free deliveries.


Image from Tijuana Police via CNN

I wonder how long it will take our lebanese cartels to start using Virgins 500$ crapmachine for bomb target surveillance and grenade deliveries? I’m sure that an illegal “5 joints for 20k” aerial delivery trend will soon take over the streets of Beirut🇱🇧…

You can read CNNs full article here

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