Russia Proposes 12,400 mile Superhighway Linking London to New York!

Think of the epic road trip!

Head of Russian Academy of Science, Vladimir Fortov, has proposed a 12,400 mile super Highway that will link Britain with the USA. Starting in London, going under the English Channel, it would theoretically pass through Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Vladivostok, before finding is way into Alaska then Canada and ending up in New York.


Vladimir said the project was “Very ambitious and expensive” but also informed The Siberian Times that “It will solve many problems in the development of the vast region. It is connected with social programs, and new fields, new energy resources, and so on.”
The project may or may not go through, and may just reach Alaska instead of NYC.


This epic 200 hour journey would be the ideal road trip by car or bus, but will also be in parallel to The Trans-Siberia Railway, so you could probably get wasted for the duration of that cruise, and catch up on every bit of crap that social media profiles throw your way.  But for the serious entrepreneurs, you would theoretically be able to write that book you always wanted to publish!

God old Vlad. So yeah, count me in.

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