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Social media is changing the way we interact.It changes how we reach out to one another.

Most companies are now using online marketing customized solutions, and are hiring companies to do that for them. How easy is it to create a campaign for middle sized business over all social media platforms?
integrating the social media buttons into a website can be quite simple in the implementation, but the strategy of where and how is essential!

You can’t just throw a ‘like’ button anywhere on the page, it has to be somewhere the viewer can easily see and click. If you have 500 followers, you need appropriate content to keep that fan database. If you want enough views, you need to have a video that will go viral.

It’s all about HOW you do it. The content is mostly overrated, because what you need to do is get the idea out to as many people as you can, and then only the people who are interested in the content will remain loyal to you and your company.
I’m not saying that content is NOT important, just that it’s overrated. If you have some product with very rich value and content, it might not sell well if you don’t market it properly. However, if you get a seagull stealing a camera, you can get millions of views:P
You need to understand what people are looking for.

2 thoughts on “Social Media

    1. Ryan Hamze

      @Arshya, content can be many things, but the strategy is basic: Either get to as many people as you can, and hope for the best (FAIL!) or get to as many people possible who are within your target audience with a strong product and clear message (Works most of the time)
      I agree that messaging is also content, but the ‘HOW’ of doing it is strategy.
      The projected results in any online marketing campaign can sometimes be very unrealistic and far from the truth, so focusing on how you get this message/product across is more important (In my opinion)

      Thanks for your insight!


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