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As an IT Manager, there are a lot of things that you need close on hand to use while you’re trudging through the mess that is your life. Here are some of the useful sites that can help you survive.


Ninite Online Installer


Ninite Installer

Pick your apps and it will download an installer for you that will do the job. Useful for new OS installations.

Google Translate

Terrible for professional translating purposes, but gets the job done easily and quickly to get that word hanging off the tip of your tongue.


Online storage starting at 2GB up to 50GB.. you can increase you free storage with a few tricks. Very useful for backups, transferring files, and syncing team worksheets.

An alternative to Teamviewer, remote access.


Does your math homework for you (or at least that’s what I used to use it for!)


Google Docs

Google Docs

Very useful way to have file version control and share issue logs and spreadsheets with your team.


If you don’t have an updated profile, then you have no idea how many business opportunities you’re passing up. Should always be updated, even when you’re not looking for a job. It’s a matter of professional courtesy.


This isn’t tech, but it sure damn helps for all business pros! If you don’t have much food in your fridge, it’s a good idea to enter the ingredients in your fridge and this site will suggest what to whip up in the kitchen once you get back from a long day at work! makes the kitchen a no-brainer so you can have less to worry about.

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