Travel Apps You Should Have

Title is self explanatory, and the below links are for free Android Google Market applications.The links highlighted in bold purple are highly recommended as must need apps.


Location Apps:

I recommend Google Maps. This app should be installed by default in your android. Make sure that you save the offline map for your target location. A history of your location requires Google Location History

Next best for offline is Sygic! You can use the free version which is limited, and then there’s the premium which rocks. You can also try out Sygic Speedometer, which will alert you for high speeds and radar traps.

Expedia Bookings for booking flights and hotels

For Eurotrips: “Railteam Mobile” provides live timetable information for all European trains and connections

Tripadvisor  that helps with booking hotels, or try the Tripadvisor City guide
Foursquare is a social media app that allows you to check in places, and is really helpful when you’re trying to find a restaurant or any club or any other location.



Must have app is Google Translate for all languages. There are a bunch of other apps out there for translation, so take your pick. If you don’t speak the language, let your smartphone do it for you. Write whatever you need, and let a local read the translation and reply while you do the reverse translation. Make sure that they don’t run off with it!



Whatsapp free sms messaging

Viber Free VOIP and chat.

Skype…. Well, it’s skype.

Line Free VOIP ad chat.


ATM Finders:

Moneypass ATM Finder Mixed reviews, but worth a try.

ATMS  haven’t tried this personally, but it has the best reviews so far.


If you have any more interesting ones, please add the names in the comment section, and I’ll update this list. Links not allowed!

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