Twitter in your business

Here’s 76 ways you can use twitter in your business…

  1.  To promote your worthwhile cause/favourite charity
  2.  To point people to the latest copy of your newsletter
  3.  To promote your internet radio show on
  4.  To tell people of your event on
  5.  To send out an updated price list to clients & prospects
  6.  To share your powerpoint presentation on
  7.  To ask for referrals
  8.  To qualify prospects
  9.  To tell people about your latest press release on
  10.  To promote your latest article on
  11.  To get eyeballs on to your ad on ebay
  12.  To Share some useful tips about your services
  13.  To get signups for your workshops and seminars
  14.  To conduct market research
  15.  To promote your latest podcast
  16.  To share your seminar talk on
  17.  To give your feedback of software you just bought
  18.  To conduct marketing research
  19.  To show the latest thread on your blog (twitterfeed)
  20.  To point them to your press release on
  21.  To get eyeballs on to your lens
  22.  To get people to book on your workshop via
  23.  To position yourself as an expert
  24.  To get new members to your clubs on &
  25.  To promote your articles on
  26.  To increase response to your ads
  27.  To tell people about
  28.  To share your white paper on
  29.  To launch your new premium service
  30.  To tell people you’re going on holiday
  31.  As a way to promote your products online
  32.  To promote your latest video on You Tube
  33.  To promote your ad on
  34.  To allow people to download a trial version of your software
  35.  To promote your latest job vacancies
  36.  To find out what latest job vacancies are out there
  37.  Share some useful tips about your products
  38.  To promote your latest photographs on flickr
  39.  To get comments onto your blog
  40.  To share an important fact form
  41.  To give referrals
  42.  To help others generate traffic via trafficswarm
  43.  To show your demo video on
  44.  To show people your trial software on
  45.  To boost morale
  46.  To create mutual opportunity for friends
  47.  To simplify/improve your customer service and support
  48.  Tto tell people about
  49.  To promote your new membership site on
  50.  To promote your latest book
  51.  To help with recruitment for your MLM Opportunity
  52.  To drive traffic to
  53.  To remind people of your terms and conditions
  54.  To tell people how to create a mobile website with
  55.  To give people a google map url on how to find you
  56.  To direct people to your ezine sign up page
  57.  To get people to vote for you at
  58.  To collect case studies
  59.  To get people to sign up to your webinar at
  60.  To share customer testimonials
  61.  To run a poll or survey using
  62.  To advise others of bad payers / bad debtors
  63.  To point people to your latest article on
  64.  To tell people about
  65.  To tell people about your new listing on
  66.  to tell others what the best sellers on ebay are
  67.  to link to your ads on
  68.  to encourage others to subscribe to your group on
  69.  To share financial market info from
  70.  To ask for ideas, suggestions and recommendations for new products
  71.  To share a Spreadsheet via Google Docs
  72.  To Tell people how to book on your next webinar
  73.  To share your diary and get your appointments booked up
  74.  To give your feedback of a workshop or seminar you attended
  75.  To demonstrate to journalists how responsive your network can be
  76.  To say thank you to people you care about.

This content is not written by me. I just edited it I found this written in a comment by a guy named  Frazer, but could not contact him for a quotation or follow his broken link. 

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      i guess that’s a compliment:) My blog is directed towards educating the world about social media and how we can use this tool in uniting the world. Some of the articles i write are technical, but most are marketing-oriented and user friendly.


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