Life Advice by Yara [Guest Blog]

  1. It is what it is; deal with it.
  2. Always forgive and forget, yes, and forget. Don’t hold grudges. You can never know what’s behind someone’s actions, whether bad or good, no one, ever, has bad intentions. When they have bad intentions, then you don’t forgive and you don’t forget, but until you are sure of that always put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  3. Go run. Every single time you feel lost, hurt, angry, or even happy, every time your heart beat goes beyond normal, might as well get some exercise out of it. Sprint it, and just look at the sights, the sunsets and the living world in front of you; it gives you perspective.
  4. Watch Anime:mrgreen:japanese-anime-big-eyes-manga-570x310
  5. Always have a pair of earphones, when the world is bugging off cut it with music, dance it out and sing out loud the lyrics
  6. The good time is now. Not in an hour, not tomorrow, not after  the TV show, not next year, NOW! You have a project, homework, a dream, a shower to take, NOW !
  7. Get off your lazy ass and work. Don’t let laziness and unproductive useless stuff get in the way of your ambitions or your duties.
  8. Life will hit you hard, but your reaction to that hit will define everything. Some people go through the exact same situation, one side gets up and lives the other drowns in sadness, IT IS ALL IN THE MIND..
  9. Without the bad moments we would never be able to enjoy the good ones ; its physics : positive and positive never meet; to have a neutral equation you need one negative and one positive
  10. The most cliché one : Be your self no matter how weird  you think are, because no matter what people will always criticize you.
  11. You better love yourself because in the end, the only person that’s going to stick by your side is your own self, the only person that knows you more than anyone is your own self the only person that will truly understand and feel what you’re feeling is yourself, the only person you have a full guarantee to wake up next to for the rest of your life is yourself so be kind to yourself and love yourself even more than you would with someone else.
  12. Don’t do something because your friends are doing it, do it because you want to do it, because you have a reason, a purpose behind it. The people who follow trends are the followers and the ones less likely to succeed in life; don’t be that person!
  13. It’s never too late to change. We are all born crying, without knowing how to speak a single world and with a heart and brain. The way we were raised, the friends we met and the places we’ve been to defined us and made us who we are, but nothing NOTHING is definitive nor lasts forever, if you wake up one day and look in the mirror and see that you don’t like what you’re seeing and who you’re becoming than take a step, change, become the kind of person you want to meet, nothing is ever too late.
  14. The most successful people I know started with nothing and ended up with everything, not by buying their way up but by working their way to the top. You have to go through dirt. You’re allowed to cry, to complain, to punch a wall but never to give up, never to quit, nothing is too hard if you believe that you can
  15. Want a magic trick? Stop over thinking and start noticing how happier you’re getting 😉 Life is not that complicated, JUST LIVE !

Guest blogger: Yara Farhat

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