Why do Sugar Gliders Bark?

Many of you will hear your suggies barking at night maybe once a week, I’ve done lots of research on this and found out a few things so I’ve listed them below.
The reason why i post this is because Goku was barking all night while her sister was not. I tried all the solutions google provided but still didn’t work.
i did find out why though. .. i peeked at her while she was barking, always in the same spot. Sometimes she reached out through the button of the cage and reached out to grab something but came up empty handed. She usually does this when she drops food. I investigated further and found that there was no food at the bottom of the cage but she was still baking and scratching and reaching out. Then i realized: i had the newspaper lid out at the bottom, open to the FRUITS AND VEGETABLES section BAHAHAA She was trying to grab the 4.99 red fruit and scratching at the 2.50 Greens!!!!
Once i changed the newspaper she was quiet for the rest of the night, content to play with her sister Kat.


Top 10 reasons why Sugar Gliders Bark:

1. They’re social creatures and communicate this way. Sometimes they play loudly.
2.In the wild they bark for danger, others will freeze then zap home when things get serious. There’s something that frightens them, confuses them, or irritates them. Find out what it is.
3. They’re calling it to you directly because you forgot to feed them, check the water the food the room temperature.
4. Chronic barking may indicate health issues. Check the eyes for a glazed white film, diet habits, chewed off fingernails, and weakness. Take to the vet if you even have a single iota if doubt that the creature needs medical attention. DO NOT PUT IT OFF. you’ll find it lying on the bottom of the cage tomorrow night, they’re highly sensitive.
5.They want attention (most likely). Play with them or let them out of the cage for a while it will keep them entertained. Boredom is something that they don’t appreciate.
6. Warning of an intruder. Unlikely in captivity but still a possibility.

7. They bark for the same reason dogs do. Do a Google search on “Why dogs bark” and you’ll see a long list of vague answers too.
8. Calling out to one another, especially if they’re in another cage or another room.
9.The newspaper has fruits and veggies and worms on the front page and they think it’s real.
10.They’re just being suggies and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Top 10 Solutions for Barking :

+1+Normally when you walk into their room theyll be quiet, but that’s just bad suggie-raising. It would teach them to be clingy and that whenever they bark their needs will be attended to.
+2+Spy on them from a distance, you might see what’s bothering them.
+3+Put on a nightlight. Suggested by many,many forum posters, but i believe this just messes them up by tricking them into believing that the sun is coming up and they’ll just go to sleep. Not a good thing.
+4+Feed them. Make sure there’s fresh water.
+5+Play with them.
+6+Set them free for an hour.
+7+Check for health issues.
+8+Close the door and let them bark it out.
+9+Change the newspaper,you dont know what they see there.
+10+Talk or sing to them, it will soothe them down to hear your voice even if you’re in another room.


This post may save someone’s sanity some day!!!





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